Our History

Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue (SHER) was launched in May 2015 after a baby Black-Crowned Night Heron was brought into a wildlife rescue after being stabbed in the back and left to die.

CLICK HERE to see the video on Fox News

When we investigated, we found that the nesting area (rookery) where this baby came from was heartbreaking. The rookery contained over 100 nests and also included Snowy Egrets and Cattle Egrets. The nesting area surrounded a large apartment complex in a busy suburban area next to high traffic streets. There were as many as 20 injured and orphaned babies every day.

In 2017, a second nesting site was located with all of the same problems. The amount of suffering these baby birds were experiencing was immense. While these species normally have a high rate of mortality, it was greatly increased due to human disturbance and the human-altered environment.

  • Babies were falling out of their nests in tall trees onto concrete.
  • They would wander into the road and get hit by cars.
  • They were attacked by cats and dogs
  • There were instances of intentional cruelty, such as baby birds being shot or poisoned, and children throwing rocks at them
  • Many of the babies sat below the trees with broken bones for days in the overwhelming heat.

SHER was created by two wildlife rehabilitators who were determined to help prevent the extreme level of suffering faced by these baby birds.

SHER is a team of caring people who going out on daily rescue/recovery missions.

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