We Protect Local Wildlife

Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue (SHER) is an all-volunteer wild bird rescue team focused on helping injured, sick and orphaned baby herons and egrets (and other wild birds) born in urban and suburban environments. Every day during nesting season, SHER volunteers monitor two large heron and egret nesting colonies in the City of Sacramento. We bring any baby birds in need of help to a wildlife rescue facility. We also work to educate the public and advocate for preservation of habitat.

Our Mission

SHER is dedicated to minimizing suffering in wild birds. We rescue, transport and advocate for injured, sick and orphaned birds, advocate for habitat preservation, work to educate the public, and provide support on ways to coexist with wildlife in an urban and suburban environments.

Our Work

SHER was created by two wildlife rehabilitators who found an extreme level of suffering faced by baby herons and egrets nesting around a busy apartment complex. Some of the vulnerable babies were victims of abuse. SHER is a team of caring people who going out on daily rescue/recovery missions. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Join Us

SHER’s volunteers help to rescue hundreds of birds every year! Our #1 need is volunteers to help on our bird rescue team and our transport team. We provide the training, you provide your time to help rescue birds in the field and transport them to safety. LEARN MORE.

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