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Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue (SHER) is a wild bird rescue and transport team dedicated to minimizing suffering of injured and orphaned wild birds in need of help. We advocate for habitat preservation, work to educate the public, and provide support on ways to coexist with wildlife in an urban and suburban environments.

Human civilization has had a profoundly negative impact on wildlife and their habitats. We turn their wild land into human homes and cities. Pavement, cars, poisons, new building developments and more all take a huge toll. The will to survive is strong, and is apparent among the herons and egrets nesting in urban areas of Sacramento – areas that were former wetlands where they have likely nested for thousands of years, before our human population exploded. We as humans have a duty to help these animals who are trying so hard to survive, with constantly shrinking habitat.

Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue (SHER) is here to help.

Rescuer with baby heron

SHER supports several rookeries (nesting colonies) in Sacramento. The main rookery in the Pocket area contains over 150 nests in tall trees overhanging asphalt and concrete. During peak season, a dozen or more baby birds fall out of their nests daily, most of whom are not yet able to fly. Many of the babies are injured from the fall, and some die on impact. Those who are not injured often die of dehydration and starvation, as the parents typically do not continue to care for them on the ground due to the high foot and vehicle traffic. We have also had several birds that were purposefully injured by humans.

Though high mortality is normal for these species, it is extreme due to the man-made environment. We feel that it is our duty as humans to step in and help, and that’s exactly what SHER does – our volunteers help to rescue hundreds of birds every year!

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